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    When 1Live DJ's talk about "Local Love", there is a little more local in it with this up and coming Hip-Hop star.
It seems today's rap music is all about money, jewelry and nice cars, Grimey Click don't come from that, we come from the bottom so you can hear the struggle through our lyrics. We are chasing a dream."  Elle Ninyo, Dizzy Young, Steve Streetz, Joey Fattz and Ruger Rome are a band of brothers bound by loyalty. Ruger, Fattz Dizz and Streetz hail from the North Side of Pittsburgh. As childhood friends and relatives, they often found themselves in each others company while hanging out. As they got older, they ran into Elle, who is from the Hill District on Pittsburgh's East Side. Together, they started rapping in the basement along with Banger and Sincere. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the group in 2006 when members Sincere was the victim of an accidental suicide and Banger was tragically murdered on the Northside of town in 2007. That became the motivation for the group and caused them to put their all into their music. They began the cooking up the recipe for their first mixtape called Grimey 2 the Grave. It was released in 2013 and open the door for the group to rip local shows by bringing their reality to the forefront of their fans. They have been featured on Rep Pittsburgh Hip Hop as well as People Of Pittsburgh Going Hard and 1liveDJ's.com. Through their passion, their stage presence stood out and quickly captivated the city. The group took first place at Pittsburgh's Hard Rock Café On My Grind Talent Showcase. As member Joey Fattz, started to flourish as a solo artist, the group worked harder and started a #GRIMEY movement with merchandising. As fans became exposed to their talents, they quickly gravitated to their merchandise and accepted membership into the #GRIMEY fan club. Joey Fattz and his #CRAZYSTRAIGHT team brought Grimey to the table with Grind Mode Management. Under management, Grimey is in the final stages of releasing their second Mixtape called Grimey 2 The Grave Reloaded while working with the cities top producers for their 3rd project. Look for #STR8GRIMEY merchandise and Grimey Click headlining their first promo tour in the near future. Grimey Click is an explosive group poised to blow the roof right off the top of the city!

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